1. Week 5 Reflections

    I have been cognizant of RSS Feeds every since blogging became popular. I typically just visit my favorite sites using the browser’s booksmarking system or if I get an email digest of new posts/articles. I see the RSS Feeds on my Google homepage each day, but it just doesn’t force me to click on anything since I typically visit each site a few times a week and stay informed that way. 

    I understand why RSS feeds are great for the web. It helps you organize and skim articles and not waste time reading something that may not be worth your time or of interest to you. 

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The Impact of New Technologies on Current Awareness Tools in Academic Libraries”. This has been the most interesting article thus far. I am a victim of information overload at time. Sometimes I have 200+ tabs open in Firefox and Chrome because I get carried away while researching or browsing and I open a new tab, and then another, and then another. With Libraries utilizing Web 2.0 tools and other social media applications, it’s easier to organize the plethora of resources available and that makes it easier to find later on when writing a paper or doing a project.  

    I finally had an opportunity to create an account at Diigo yesterday and I conducted a search for articles and websites related to my study. I found a few presentations linked to Slide Share that were directly related to my topic, but were from European countries. Using Delicious, I found resources that I found through the USF library and a search on Google. Honestly, I like my research workflow as it is constituted. Thanks to Amanda’s great presentation of StumbleUpon, I may add that site and then Delicious and Diigo will not be very relevant to me. I am pretty comfortable utilizing the library’s services to find peer-reviewed literature. I do understand how Delicious and Diigo can be valuable regarding other aspects of managing the web, but I do not believe those sites are for me.